Top 10 SAT Registration Questions

Top 10 SAT Registration Questions

SAT registration is a very hot topic, because thousands of students each year take this college admissions test. The problem is, everything is not as straightforward as it seems. What if you miss a registration deadline? How much does the SAT cost? Oops! You registered, but you didn't take the test. Now what? I thought you'd never ask. Here are some answers to the top SAT registration questions as posed by readers just like you.

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What are the SAT Test Dates?

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Here they are, plain and simple: the SAT test dates, along with regular registration and late registration deadlines.

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When Should I Take the SAT?

Everyone from your friends to your guidance counselors will have an opinion about when you should sit for the SAT. This article maps out the best time to take the test, keeping college deadlines and score release dates in mind.

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How Do I Register for the SAT?

Do you register by mail? On the Internet? What URL do you go to? What kinds of things do you need to know before you can complete your SAT registration? What's a college code? A major code? How do you make a College Board profile? Find answers for those questions here.

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Can I Still Take the SAT if I Miss a Registration Deadline?

Uh-oh. Perhaps time management isn't your strong suit and you want to know if you can still take the SAT if you slipped up. Check out the do's and don'ts of SAT waitlist registration with these facts.

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I Registered, But Didn't Take It. What Now?

Never fear! Even if you registered for the SAT exam, but failed to show up on test day for some reason (the flu, the car broke down, you got some seriously cold feet), you will not suffer the consequences of your actions for a lifetime. Here are the facts about not taking the SAT exam even if you registered for it.

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How Much Does the SAT Cost?

It's not going to cost you an arm and a leg, unless you miss some important dates. Check out how much this bad boy is going to set you back.

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Are There More SAT Registration Fees?

In a word, "Yes!" SAT registration fees abound; see which ones you can avoid with this fee breakdown.

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What Sort of ID Do I Need?

Nope. Your good looks will not get you into the exam. Sorry about that. You're going to need to bring acceptable ID with you to the test, and your birth certificate is not one of them. Surprised? Many students are when the test administrators tell them they won't be able to take the SAT exam that day because they didn't bring acceptable ID! Your social security card will not work, neither will a credit card with a photo. So, what will work? Find out here!

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What are the SAT Subject Test Dates?

Yes, you have to register for the SAT subject tests in a very similar way to the regular SAT test. Here are the dates and deadlines you'll need to know.

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When are SAT Scores Released?

Finally, the payoff. You've taken the test, and want to know when you're going to see the results of your hard work. Are you getting into the Ivy Leagues? Here are the SAT score release dates in a nutshell.

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