How to Get Out of the Sophomore Slump

How to Get Out of the Sophomore Slump

In your sophomore year in college? Feeling uninspired and unmotivated? You just might be in what's known as the college "sophomore slump." For most students, it's what happens during your second year of college: you're over the excitement of your first year but not close enough to graduating yet to be focusing on life after college. So what's a college student to do in the meantime?

Take a Class for Fun

You might be feeling "slumpish" because you are having to take tons of prereqs before you can get into the nice, meaty courses required for your major. Or you may not even be sure what to major in. Either way, add a little spice to your routine by taking a class just for fun. It can be yoga, ballet, an art class, or anything that's out of the ordinary for you.

Join a New Club or Organization

Your first year in school, you were probably so busy adjusting to life as a college student that your time management skills were -- shall we say -- less than stellar. But now that you know the ropes, join a new club or organization that will provide you with a creative outlet and something enjoyable to do each week.

Get Involved in Student Government

Even if you've never done student government before, see if you can represent your residence hall, your academic class, or even a constituency you belong to (like transfer students, for example). It can be a great way to keep you motivated to talk to other students, stay on top of current issues, and develop some leadership skills. (Not to mention that it looks good on your resume.)

Volunteer on Campus

No matter where you go to school, chances are that there is some kind of volunteer program you can join. See who needs volunteers this year and you just might end up motivating yourself along with others.

Volunteer in the Local Community

Maybe a change of scene is more what's needed. If so, see what volunteer options are available in your local community.

Mentor First-year Students

You just might be in the sophomore slump because you are doing well in college -- which means that perhaps you can be a good role model for incoming first-year students who need some guidance about adjusting to college life. See if your school has a mentoring program you can join -- and if not, see about starting one yourself!

Get a Fun Job On Campus

True, most students work in college for the money. But if you need to mix things up a little, this can be a great way to still get income while also enjoying yourself. Work in the campus coffee shop, at the theater, or in any other avenue that offers a fun, engaging environment.

Get a Fun Job Off Campus

Perhaps you do need a change of scene from your campus but don't have the time to volunteer. Try to combine both your financial needs and your need for change into an off-campus job that is interesting and something new.

Get Involved Politically

What are local politics like near your school? Can you volunteer on someone's campaign? Join a national campaign for a person or an issue you care about? Become involved in a movement for a cause that is near and dear to your heart?

Start Planning a Great Trip

Sophomore year can be a little challenging because there often isn't one big "thing" to look forward to. So why not create your own highlight of the year? See what your options are for planning a fun trip over Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, or even a long weekend coming up. It just might do the trick of getting you out of your sophomore slump and back into your normal groove.